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Oct 8, 2012 12:00am PDT
matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, abc's sam donaldson, nbc's andrea mitchell, msnbc s.e. cupp and joe klein. the new jobs report gives the obama campaign a much-needed assist after the debacle wednesday night in denver. the debate's closing statements told the tale. the president was down and mitt romney was up. >> you know, four years ago we were going through a major crisis, and yet my faith and confidence in the american future is undiminished. >> it's an important election and i'm concerned about america. i'm concerned about the direction america has been taking over the last four years. what kind of america do you want to have for yourself and your children? chris: and the impact wednesday night can be seen at least four ways. first the media consensus, from the left, center and right. the media called the president's performance a failure and say mitt romney may get a second look now. second, the g.o.p. got a lift. the entire party from fundraising got a pick me up. third, first impressions. voters just tuning into this contest got a view of mitt romney better than anyth
Oct 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
, and an anchor. let me start with sam donaldson. what is sam like? [laughter] sam is exactly what you see on there, just exactly. he is wonderful. irrepressible. he cannot help being sam donaldson. [laughter] he does it at home. he does it -- you run into him. so energetic. so passionate. he loves the news. he loves washington in particular, loves politics, knows it backwards and forwards. he is wonderful, but you know, sometimes he gets in his own way, but by the way, sam donaldson, one of the things i did was put him back into the white house. he had been white house correspondent under reagan for many years. and when i went in i was not comfortable with the way we were covering the clinton white house, and i put him in to the white house, i think, about three months before the model with the scandal broke. there were a number of reports that i knew were coming. i had no idea. they thought that's why. a massive stroke. the put sam donaldson just-in-time to moscow wednesday scandal. what about peter jennings? in the book jennings seems to be a touchdown person. what was your relationship
Oct 28, 2012 12:00am EDT
but what is sam donaldson like? >> exactly what you see on the air. irrepressible. he cannot help it. [laughter] he does that home. he is sell energetic and passionate he loves the news, washington, of politics and is wonderful begets in his own way. i put sam donaldson back into the white house he was there was reagan for many years i was not comfortable the way we were covering clinton i think three months before the scandal broke there were reports i knew was coming. they thought that is why. >> host: what about peter jennings? he seems to be touched down. we all miss him from his professionalism and died way too young but what was your relationship? >> anybody who knew him would say it was complicated. everybody's was. somebody i do this, even today and list sorely when we lost him from abc news as an editorial influence. peter was a great journalist but he but skeptic in chief. he was my teeth skeptic. he said you need to understand we doubt that you take this seriously. you are punching a ticket on the way through. he was that way. barry direct. i am pleased to say we formed a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)